KEMASKINI - Keputusan Penuh PRU 13 Bagi Negeri Kelantan
















P019 Tumpat

Mansor Salleh (BN): 35,527

Kamarudin Jaffar (Pas): 46,151

Pas menang, majoriti: 10,624

% Mengundi: 84.1

P020 Pengkalan Chepa

Dali Husin (BN): 19,497

Izani Husin (Pas): 34,617

Pas menang, majoriti: 15,120

% Mengundi: 85.4

P021 Kota Bharu

Mohamad Fatmi Che Salleh (BN): 24,650

Takiyuddin Hassan (Pas): 40,620

Mohd. Zakiman Abu Bakar (Bebas): 148

Pas menang, majoriti: 15,970

% Mengundi: 81.5

P022 Pasir Mas

Ibrahim Ali (Bebas): 25,384

Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz (Pas): 33, 431

Pas menang, majoriti: 8,047

% Mengundi: 83.7

P023 Rantau Panjang

Ghazali Ismail (BN): 17,448

Siti Zailah Mohd. Yusoff (Pas): 23,724

Pas menang, majoriti: 6,276

% Mengundi: 79.3

P024 Kubang Kerian

Anuar Safian (BN): 18,769

Ahmad Baihaki Atiqullah (Pas):35,510

Pas menang, majoriti: 16,741

% Mengundi: 84.3

P025 Bachok

Awang Adek Hussin (BN): 35,218

Ahmad Marzuk Shaary (Pas): 35, 419

Pas menang, majoriti:201

% Mengundi: 88.0

P026 Ketereh

Annuar Musa (BN): 26,912

Ab. Aziz Ab. Kadir (PKR): 25,938

BN Menang, Majoriti: 974

% Mengundi: 86.60

P027 Tanah Merah

Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz (BN): 25,505

Nik Mahmood Nik Hassan (PKR): 22,278

Ahmad Fizal Che Harun (Bebas): 213

BN menang, majoriti: 4,227

% Mengundi: 85.9

P028 Pasir Puteh

Tuan Mustaffa Tuan Mat (BN): 31,691

Nik Mazian Nik Mohamad (Pas): 33,579

Pas menang, majoriti: 1,888

% Mengundi: 86.9

P029 Machang

Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub (BN): 25,660

Wan Zawawi Wan Ismail (PKR): 24,855

BN menang, majoriti: 805

% Mengundi: 86.7

P030 Jeli

Mustapa Mohamed (BN): 21,223

Mohd. Apandi Mohamad (Pas): 15,954

BN menang, majoriti: 5,269

% Mengundi: 87.2

P031 Kuala Krai

Tuan Aziz Tuan Hamat @ Tuan Mat (BN): 25, 876

Mohd. Hatta Md. Ramli (Pas): 27,919

Pas menang, majoriti:2,043

% Mengundi: 86.6

P032 Gua Musang

Tengku Razaleigh Tengku Mohd. Hamzah (BN): 21,367

Wan Abd. Rahim Wan Abdullah (Pas): 12,954

BN menang, majoriti: 8,413

% Mengundi: 87.4


N01 Pengkalan Kubor

Noor Zahidi Omar (BN): 10,174

Izat bukhary Ismail Bukhary (Bebas): 65

Saharun Ibrahim (PKR): 8,438

BN menang, majoriti: 1.736

% Mengundi: 79.1

N02 Kelaboran

Wan Hanapi Wan Yaacob (BN): 7,995

Mohamad Zaki Ibrahim (Pas): 10,098

Pas menang, majoriti: 2,103

% Mengundi: 83.1

N03 Pasir Pekan

Nik Noriza Nik Salleh (BN): 8,560

Ahmad Yakob (Pas): 14,204

Pas menang, majoriti: 5,644

% Mengundi: 86.0

N04 Wakaf Bharu

Mohd. Rosdi Ab. Aziz (BN): 10,537

Che Abdullah Mat Nawi (Pas): 11,515

Pas menang, majoriti: 978

% Mengundi: 87.7

N05 Kijang

Zaluzi Sulaiman (BN): 5,489

Wan Ubaidah Omar (Pas): 10,632

Pas menang, majoriti: 5,143

% Mengundi: 84.8

N06 Chempaka

Wan Razman Wan Abd. Razak (BN): 5,810

Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (Pas): 12,310

Pas menang, majoriti: 6,500

% Mengundi: 85.9

N07 Panchor

Che Rosli Hassan (BN): 7,431

Mohd. Amar Abdullah (Pas): 12,467

Pas menang, majoriti: 5,036

% Mengundi: 85.1

N08 Tanjong Mas

Kanidy Omar (BN): 6,866

Rohani Ibrahim (Pas): 15,387

Pas menang, majoriti: 8,521

% Mengundi: 81.8

N09 Kota Lama

Tan Ken Ten (BN): 7,651

Mohd. Zakiman Abu Bakar (Bebas): 152

Anuar Tan Abdullah (Pas): 14,269

Pas menang, majoriti: 6,618

% Mengundi: 79.3

N010 Bunut Payong

Mohd. Fakhrurazi Abdul Rahim (BN): 7,655

Ramli Mamat (Pas): 13, 447

Pas menang, majoriti: 5,792

% Mengundi: 83.8

N011 Tendong

Datuk Hanafi Mamat (BN): 8,419

Rozi Muhamad (Pas): 9,397

Pas menang, majoriti: 978

% Mengundi: 85.5

N012 Pengkalan Pasir

Tuan Anuwa Tuan Mat (BN): 8,683

Hanifa Ahmad (Pas): 13,398

Pas menang, majoriti: 4,715

% Mengundi: 82.2

N013 Chetok

Aimi Jusoh (BN): 8,593

Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman (Pas): 10,578

Pas menang, majoriti: 1,985

% Mengundi: 83.8

N014 Meranti

Mohd. Afandi Yusoff (BN): 4,589

Mohd. Nassuruddin Daud (Pas): 8,522

Pas menang, majoriti: 3,933

% Mengundi: 80.8

N015 Gual Periok

Shaari Mat Hussain (BN): 7,609

Mohamad Awang (Pas): 8,224

Pas menang, majoriti: 615

% Mengundi:75.3

N016 Bukit Tuku

Mohd. Zain Ismail (BN): 5,690

Abdul Rasul Mohamed (Pas): 6,569

Pas menang, majoriti: 879

% Mengundi: 83.2

N017 Salor

Mohd. Noordin Awang (BN): 6,548

Husam Musa (Pas): 10,231

Pas menang, majoriti: 3,683

% Mengundi: 85.2

N018 Pasir Tumboh

Mohd. Syamsul Mohd. Yusoff (BN): 5,471

Abd. Rahman Yunus (Pas): 9,972

Pas menang, majoriti: 4,501

% Mengundi: 85.0

N019 Demit

Wan Mohd. Nazi Wan Hamat (BN): 6,721

Mumtaz Md. Nawi (Pas): 15,302

Pas menang, majoriti: 8,581

% Mengundi: 83.4

N020 Tawang

Mohd. Zain Yasim (BN): 10,451

Hassan Mohamood (Pas): 13,563

Pas menang, majoriti: 3,112

% Mengundi:88.4

N021 Perupok

Muhammad Zaidi Sidek (BN): 10,882

Mohd. Huzaimy Che Husin (Pas): 12,370

Pas menang, majoriti: 1,488

% Mengundi: 87.9

N022 Jelawat

Ilias Husain (BN): 11,620

Abdul Azziz Kadir (Pas): 11,722

Pas menang, majoriti: 102

% Mengundi: 87.8

N023 Melor

Mohamed Othman Omar (BN): 8,101

Md. Yusnan Yusof (Pas): 10,590

Pas menang, majoriti: 2,489

% Mengundi: 86.1

N024 Kadok

Mohamad Basri Awang (BN): 5,656

Azami Mohd. Nor (Pas): 8,753

Pas Menang, majoriti: 3,097

% Mengundi: 85.8

N025 Kok Lanas

Md. Alwi Che Ahmad (BN): 10,040

Nik Mahadi Mahmood (Pas): 9,871

BN menang, majoriti: 169

% Mengundi: 87.7

N026 Bukit Panau

Baharudin Yusof (BN): 9,552

Abdul Fattah Mahmood (Pas): 13,292

Pas menang, majoriti: 3,740

% Mengundi: 84.6

N027 Gual Ipoh

Bakri @ Mohd. Bakri Mustapha (BN): 7,689

Wan Yusoff Wan Mustafa (Pas): 6,285

BN menang, majoriti: 1,404

% Mengundi: 86.4

N028 Kemahang

Dayang Saniah Awang Hamid (BN): 5,517

Md. Anizam Ab. Rahman (Pas): 6,953

Pas menang, majoriti: 1,436

% Mengundi: 87.7

N029 Selising

Zulkifle Ali (BN): 7,662

Ibrahim Ismail (Bebas): 120

Saipul Bahrim Mohamad (Pas): 7,555

BN menang, majoriti: 107

% Mengundi: 86.5

N030 Limbongan

Mohd. Rujhan Salleh (BN): 9,438

Mohd. Nazlan Mohamed Hasbullah (Pas): 10,480

Pas menang, majoriti: 1,042

% Mengundi: 85.0

N031 Semerak

Zawawi Othman (BN): 8,444

Wan Hassan Wan Ibrahim (Pas): 7,459

Bn menang, majoriti: 985

% Mengundi: 88.3

N032 Gaal

Redzuan Stapha (BN): 6,876

Tuan Mazlan Tuan Mat (Pas): 7,178

Pas menang, majoriti: 302

% Mengundi: 88.4

N033 Pulai Chondong

Halim @ Ab. Halim Ismail (BN): 7,627

Zulkifli Mamat (Pas): 8,546

Pas menang, majoriti: 919

% Mengundi: 86.9

N034 Temangan

Azemi Mat Zin (BN): 7,173

Mohamed Fadzli Hassan (Pas): 8,258

Pas Menang, majoriti: 1,085

% Mengundi: 87.00

N035 Kemuning

Eriandi Ismail (BN): 9,015

Mohd. Roseli Ismail (Pas): 10,049

Pas Menang, majoriti: 1,034

% Mengundi: 86.40

N036 Bukit Bunga

Mohd. Adhan Kechik (BN): 7,692

Sufely Abd. Razak (Pas): 6,159

Bn menang, majoriti: 1,533

% Mengundi: 84.6

N037 Air Lanas

Mustapa Mohamed (BN): 6,605

Abdullah Ya'kub (Pas): 6,558

BN menang, majoriti: 47

% Mengundi: 89.1

N038 Kuala Balah

Abdul Aziz Derashid (BN): 6,173

Ramlan Mat (PKR): 4,097

BN menang, majoriti: 2,076

% Mengundi: 90.0

N039 Mengkebang

Azizzuddin Hussein (BN): 7,173

Abdul Latiff Abdul Rahman (Pas): 8,235

Pas menang, majoriti: 1,072

% Mengundi: 88.6

N040 Guchil

Nik Sapeia Nik Yusof (BN): 7,311

Mohd. Roslan Puteh (PKR): 7,803

Muhamad Bustaman Yaacob (Bebas): 146

Md. Nasir Ahmad (Bebas): 37

PKR menang, majoriti: 492

% Mengundi: 82,1

N041 Manek Urai

Che Jalal Muda (BN): 4,612

Mohd. Fauzi Abdullah (Pas): 4,383

Bn menang, majoriti: 229

% Mengundi: 87.4

N042 Dabong

Ramzi Ab. Rahman (BN): 4,612

Ku Mohd. Zaki Ku Hussin (Pas): 4,383

BN menang, majoriti: 229

% Mengundi: 87.4

N043 Nenggiri

Mat Yusoff Abdul Ghani (BN): 6,654

Abdul Aziz Mohamed (Bebas): 368

Mohammad Azihan Che Seman (PKR): 2,805

BN menang, majoriti: 3,849

% Mengundi: 87.7

N044 Paloh

Nozula Mat Diah (BN): 7,847

Amran Ab. Ghani (PKR): 3,910

BN menang, majoriti: 3,937

% Mengundi: 88.2

N045 Galas

Ab. Aziz Yusoff (BN): 6,956

Abdullah Hussein (Pas): 5,655

BN Menang, majoriti: 1,301

% Mengundi: 86.30

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  1. SHAH ALAM: Five men, including four brothers charged with polluting Sungai Gong in Rawang have been released on bail by the Shah Alam High Court.

    Yip Kok Wai, 53; Yip Kok Mun, 58; Yip Kok Kuin, 50, Yip Kok Wong, 60 and Yip Kum Fook, 66( Yip kum fook is president of SAMNAK SAMBODHI BUDDHST TEMPLE) – directors of a machinery repair company – and workshop manager Ho Voon Leong, 59, were released yesterday on a RM400,000 bail each, with one surety, by Judicial Commissioner Norsharidah Awang.

    The five had been charged with dumping hazardous materials into Sungai Gong, which had resulted in sudden water cuts in Selangor for several days as the water was too contaminated for treatment plants to process.

    The five appeared before Norsharidah after she allowed their review application against an earlier decision by the Sessions Court to deny them bail.

    Norsharidah also ordered the men to surrender their passports to the court.

    Although they were allowed bail, Norsharidah held in her judgment that she had taken into account the gravity of the alleged offence, as well as the danger if the crime was repeated.

    She also said she had taken into account the health conditions of the accused persons.

    “This is a serious case which caught the public eye, so the court allows all the accused to be released on bail of RM400,000 each with one surety, besides the additional condition for them to surrender their passports to the court, and if any offence is committed during this duration, the court will rescind the bail,’’ said Norsharidah.

    On Sept 17, all five men had filed the review application against the Selayang Sessions Court’s decision to deny them bail.

    They were earlier slapped with two charges at the Selayang Sessions Court on Sept 15.

    The men were first charged under Section 430 of the Penal Code with causing mischief by injury to irrigation works near the Yip Chee Seng & Sons Sdn Bhd workshop at Lot 4219, Jalan Batu Arang, Kg Sungai Dua, Rawang between Sept 2 and 3 that led to serious water pollution in Sungai Gong.

    They were also charged under Section 25 (1) of the Environmental Quality Act 1974 with discharging scheduled waste without a licence into the environment, leading to pollution.

    The accused claimed trial to both charges.

    They face a jail sentence of not less than five years and not more than 30 years, or a fine, or both, under Section 430 of the Penal Code and face a fine not exceeding RM100,000, or a jail sentence not exceeding five years, or both, under Section 25 (1) of the Environ-mental Quality Act 1974.

    In submission, counsel for the accused Datuk Akberdin Abdul Kader said bail should be allowed as there was no evidence that indicated the accused would abscond or interfere with witnesses.

    DPP Mohd Asnawi Abu Hanipah argued that even though the court had the discretion to allow bail, it should consider the gravity of the case which resulted in 1.2 million consumers being affected during the water disruption.

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